Review: The Goal, by Elle Kennedy

As a fan of this series, I already had high expectations for the book. Kennedy did not disappoint, delivering the fantastic, witty banter, the FEELS (ohmygosh the feels), and a super satisfying story. I love a book that makes me laugh out loud, and the Off-Campus books definitely do this. The Goal stands alone, but … Continue reading Review: The Goal, by Elle Kennedy


Review: Smut, by Karina Halle

When I saw this was on sale for 99 cents, I snatched it up. I mean, I'm a book blogger so I totally had to check this out--the heroine and hero get together to write erotic romance. I mean, how freaking meta is this? While I didn’t think all depictions of the business side of … Continue reading Review: Smut, by Karina Halle