Review: Savanna Dance, by Tori Knightwood

As always, the setting in this series completely pulls me in. I’d never wanted to visit Africa before, but Hotel Safari has me sold on the idea. Add to the vibrant setting all of these amazing characters, and I would happily stay in this story world forever!


In this installment, Inira is a giraffe shifter (a detail which continues to delight me), and Brandon is a fellow volunteer at Hotel Safari who falls for her—hard. All sorts of hijinks ensue to keep them apart in the most excruciating-yet-fun-to-read-about ways, and we’re constantly left wondering how they’re going to overcome these obstacles. Delightful tension—both sexual and otherwise—kept me flipping pages as fast as I could tap my Kindle screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This series never ceases to surprise and amaze me. Can’t wait for the next book!

Until next time,


[This post first appeared here on Goodreads. This blog, and the character Nina Vidal, are the creations of romance author Liza Street. Nina’s story is coming soon in the novella Savage Heartache, due to be released in May 2017.]


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