Review: Dark Wild Night, by Christina Lauren

This book, you guys! So good! In short, it’s about Lola, a graphic novel writer/illustrator who makes it big, and her best friend Oliver, who owns a comic book store. Totally geekery catnip for me. I will say that there weren’t really any major twists or surprises to this one–the story was simple and straightforward, and that actually made it really refreshing.


The sexual tension is off the charts, and even though some of the sexytimes scenes went a little long, there weren’t any complaints here. Sexy moments, funny moments, and a few aggravating moments where I wanted to shake some sense into Lola even while I understood where she was coming from. All in all, I thought this one was fantastic and I was so glad I took a chance on a new (to me) author.

Until next time,


[This post first appeared here. This blog, and the character Nina Vidal, are the creations of romance author Liza Street. Nina’s story is coming soon in the novella Savage Heartache, due to be released in May 2017.]


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