The Kiss That Isn’t / Review: Every Which Way But Dead, by Kim Harrison

That alphahole I mentioned last week, J? The two-hundred-plus pounds of muscle who showed up ranting and raving and acting like I was the worst piece of cat scat to land on his territory?

He just almost kissed me. I think.

Incredible. This massive, drunk-on-his-own-power, commanding guy. His face next to mine. His lips…close to mine.

I don’t even know what to think.

I have no other words for this, which is fine, because what I really came here for was a book review!


Every Which Way but Dead is the third book in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, but even reading it without the others, I was completely invested and in love. After finishing it, you can bet I ran right out to buy the first two books–which I also loved. This is urban fantasy with tons of suspense, danger, humor (always a plus), and incredible characters. I was envious of their friendships and I really really wanted to live here in this amazingly well-constructed world.

A world where alphaholes don’t randomly almost kiss you and then run away.

This calls for hot chocolate. Lucky for me, I did a grocery run and I have big stash of that instant gourmet stuff.

Until next time,


[A version of this post first appeared here. This blog, and the character Nina Vidal, are the creations of romance author Liza Street. You can read about Nina’s HEA in Liza’s novella, Savage Heartache, due out in May 2017.]


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