HEAs / Book Review: Act Like It

The times, the everything–everything is completely different. I barely understand it and I know I sound very vague. Let me just say that some seriously messed up things just went down this week, and I can’t go into details here. In the end, though, I am HAPPY!

That’s right, friends–I finally have my own HEA.


Speaking of excellent HEAs, I adored the one in Lucy Parker’s contemporary romance, Act Like It.


This book is amazing! Admittedly, the fake relationship trope isn’t usually my thing, but ohmygoodness, none of that mattered in Act Like It. Parker’s characters carry the story to the point where they could have gotten up to any kind of plot hole-ridden crazysauce and I would not have cared in the slightest. I got a very Pride and Prejudice-esque vibe for some reason–maybe the banter between the hero and heroine, maybe because I so loved watching the hero’s growth and change for the better, maybe because the ending was so wholly satisfying. Whatever the reason, I’ll definitely be re-reading this one!

Until next time,


[A form of this post first appeared here. This blog, and the character Nina Vidal, are the creations of romance author Liza Street. You can read about Nina’s own HEA in Liza’s novella, Savage Heartache.]


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